The next BIG trend in Customer Engagement

A few years ago, the trend was venues with public WiFi hotspots. Now, it’s mobile phone charging.
We are creating a nationwide network of venues where customers can go to boost their phone battery.
Why not join us and steal a march on your competition?

If you have a venue and you’d like to learn more about ChargerPoints:

image of chargerpoints Chargestation with 3 way cables for Android and iPhone

Quality-assured fast charging solutions

Fast charge cables with 3 different connectors for iPhones and Android Smartphones

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image of chargerpoints sticker in venue window

Already have your own charging hardware?

Add your venue to our growing network and win business from a wider audience

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image of chargerpoints promo products

More ways to get your message OUT THERE

Different ways to promote yourself, or earn advertising revenue with your ChargerPack

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