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Where the trend a few years ago was offering public access WiFi,
now, it’s mobile phone charging.

As one of the fastest-growing mobile charging networks in the UK, and certainly the leader in terms of range of products,
ChargerPoints is looking to introduce our offering by making the eco-pack trial available to selected venues.

Why are ChargerPoints running a trial?

The purpose of our 3 month ChargerPoints eco-pack trial is to enable you to offer mobile phone charging to your customers, and see if it works for you.

We’ll provide promotional support, including window stickers, a listing on the ChargerPoints.co.uk map, use of an A2 pavement sign board subject to availability.

There are 2 different specification “ChargerPack” battery power banks in the eco-pack, and we’ll be asking for feedback on whether or not you and your customers have a preference.

This information will help us with our future product sourcing and planning, answering the question of “what’s in it for us?

image of ChargerPoints eco-pack in use
image of ChargerPoints Jan 2020 trial eco-pack

So what’s in the ChargerPoints eco-pack?

All neatly packed in a reusable and recyclable outer box (that converts to a convenient stand for charging the ChargerPacks), you will receive:

  • 1x Pro Power Bank
  • 1x Slim Power Bank
  • 1x dual port USB mains charger plug
  • 2x High Speed 3-way cables (with micro USB, USB type-C and Lightning connectors)
  • 1x Window Sticker

The 3-way cable connectors are suitable for iPhone and Android phones, and together with the power banks the eco-pack normally retails at £40

What happens during and after the trial?

During the trial we would encourage you to promote the service both in your venue and online as part of any Social Media activity you do.

We would also love your feedback on how the service is received, and which products are more popular.

At the end of the trial period, you will have the option to return the kit, buy it at a special rate, or to exchange it against an upgrade or purchase of additional ChargerPoints products.

Oh, and for the early trial venues in each area, there may well be an additional thank you bonus for taking part.

image of ChargerPoints mobile charging range of products

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