How it works

How it Works

ChargerPoints™ – join the next big trend in customer engagement

image showing ChargerPoints UK ChargeStation and 3-way cable connectors for Android and Apple


A New
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We provide quality-tested charging products
for Apple and Android devices

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Promotion support includes Window stickers and
a listing in the online network

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Actively offer Table / Counter charging
and win NEW customers

ChargerPoints™ are coming to the UK

OUR MISSION: To build a nationwide network of ChargerPoint™ venues – places where customers can top up the charge on their phone while taking advantage of whatever your business has to offer

We are running a nationwide selection programme, identifying premises we feel have a strong fit with our proposition.

Our packages include quality tested chargers for use by the customer at their table, or at the bar or counter. Members of the ChargerPoints network benefit from our promotional activity and discounted hardware

If you are interested in promoting mobile phone charging to increase footfall and customer dwell time, please get in touch

Already have charging hardware that customers can use?

If you already have equipment available for customers to use to charge their phones, you can engage a wider audience by joining the ChargerPoints UK Network – see below

1 To be included on our network, charging devices – whether mains or battery – should be of good quality and deliver a reasonable performance
2 Customers should be able to arrive with just their phone, and venues supply charging devices and cables to facilitate charging

Just as customers have come to expect public WiFi hotspots, now they are increasingly looking to be able to charge their phone at venues they visit

The ChargerPoints Network

Active Promotion – a key to success

This video clip shows how people using can locate their nearest ChargerPoint venue and get directions.

image of promotional window stickerimage of promotional A board

Onsite promotional products include complimentary window stickers and optional external signage “A” boards

A New Trend – quotes from the industry

Heath Ball, licensee of the Red Lion & Sun in Highgate, North London, sums this up in The Morning Advertiser online:

“I get frustrated when I can’t charge my phone, it’s the world we live in now and you have got to have access to it for guests…Mobiles are a part of us now, an extension of our right arm (and left). We promote our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and promote to use it. People are constantly taking photos and Facebooking or Instagramming. Social media is a huge part of what we do and if the customer is sat enjoying their food and promoting to their friends, it can only be a good thing.”

In the same article, licensee of the Royal Pier in Aberystwyth, Lee Price, echoed the previous quote saying:

“Letting customers charge their phones only increases sales…If people hang around for longer, spend a little more at the bar, or enjoy a better guest experience, it can only add to the offering.”

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

We understand that the use of mobile phones during a meal or evenings out may not always be popular, but there are serious points to consider:

People rely increasingly on their phones, not just to stay in touch, but also for things like train tickets, directions, social media, healthcare and even payments.

This means a low battery is a very real pain point

When people are out and about, helps them find their nearest venue where they can boost their mobile phone battery while enjoying a drink or a bite to eat.

And – this is key – they can keep their phone with them.

We believe our product range enables many different types of venues to benefit from joining our expanding UK network. To find out more get in touch with us

We would love to hear from you.

ChargerPoints Products – for table and counter charging

A simple, non-invasive solution that you can offer customers to attract new and repeat custom to your venue.

You can find out more details about our product range here or to see our venue locator, go to – this is where your venue would appear.

Other charging solutions currently out there aren’t really suited to a restaurant or cafe environment (banks of phone lockers or kiosks don’t really fit the bill, do they?). And they certainly don’t resolve the issues mentioned above, as people want to keep their phone with them, not store it in a locker. Equally, asking staff to spend time digging out a personal phone charger as a ‘favour’ to a customer isn’t the answer either.

ChargerPoints is different.

Being a ChargerPoint location means that you will be able to promote and offer a service to charge a customer’s phone while keeping it with them, wherever they are in your venue – at the table or bar, in the garden or lounge….In other situations we want to provide venues not only with charging that suits the customers needs but your needs as well. This means we have many solutions for you to provide charging for mobiles at a counter if you are a takeaway, behind the counter if you are a mobile cafe, at tables outside offering a secure at the table charging facility.

More about our products

image of ChargerPoints ChargeStation Pro power bank mobile charging for restaurants and cafes


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image of ChargerPoints Tobi 4-in-1 Power Bank with menu holder


Tobi 4-in-1
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image of ChargerPoints ChargeStation Slim-3 power bank mobile charging for restaurants and cafes


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All our products cater for both Android and iPhone users and our team is looking for venues in the hospitality sector that meet certain criteria, and we believe that you can be a great fit.

Bonus: There are Early Bird opportunities available.

There’s no harm in having a quick chat with us to learn more. If it’s not a good fit at the moment, no big deal. Worst case, you will have learned about an innovative solution that may suit you later.

For a private demo during the coming week(s), please call us on 07598 810958 or 810959, or email us at

If it’s easier, feel free to fill out this contact form and we will get in touch.

Did you know? Worrying about being without your phone is even a recognised condition now, if you can believe that!
‘Nomophobia’ is the term used for the ‘separation anxiety’ that people can feel if they don’t have their phone with them or the battery is dying.

  • People don’t like to be parted from their phones
  • They get anxious if their battery is getting low
  • Business people need to stay in contact
  • Kids need to be entertained
  • No-one wants to miss an important phone call…