Performance & Safety

Performance and Safety

Quality and Safety

Our selection of power banks, charging stations and cables have been carefully selected and chosen to meet both safety and performance requirements.

All products and suppliers meet the Quality Control standards to be certified with approval for CE, RoHS and other European and International standards.

Our mains power connected ChargeStation and Cool Wall USB plugs feature surge or short circuit protection


We have set out to deliver product that is capable of delivering good performance in terms of charging time.

Typical Charging times

On average you can expect to add 1% to a phone’s battery charge every 60 – 90 seconds.

Tests have been performed on iPhone (5c and 6S plus) and Android (Samsung S8, Oneplus 5T, Sony Xperia e5 and XA) with the following observations:

  • The rate of charge decreases the fuller the battery charge becomes
  • The best charge rate is delivered through our Joyroom 3 in 1 cables, performing better than any other cables we sourced in testing
  • Micro USB charge times tend to be slower (2 mins per 1% in tests)
  • The actual capacity of the Pro Packs is significantly higher than Slim Packs before needing a recharge
  • Typical Pack recharging time varies between 2 – 5 hours
  • The time to recharge the Packs is longer for the higher capacity units.